Where To Buy The Best Super Card Dstwo Flash Cart For 3DS V5.0.0-11

As we know that 3ds and 3ds xl firmware have been updated to V5.0.0-11 on Mar.28, 2013. It also has been confirmed that the V5.0.0-11 3ds firmware blocked the flashcarts. Some flashcarts were blocked, such as acekard 2i, R4I-Gold Pro from r4i-gold.com and other cards. If you have those cards, make sure do not update your 3ds for now.

However, there are also some good carts that still can work on the latest 3ds firmware, such as super card dstwo, r4i gold 3ds, r4i sdhc 3ds and so on. So if you plan to buy a 3ds flashcart for your latest 3ds or 3ds xl console v5.0.0-11, make sure which one can works on it. If you want to update your 3ds console, you need to make sure your flashcart has been updated to support the new 3ds firmware. So you can still use it after update.

Super card dstwo is the best 3ds flashcart for 3ds or 3DS XL V5.0.0-11, and also the most expensive one. Even there are a lot of guys love the r4i gold 3ds card because it is cheaper but very good card. However, super card dstwo is very good with full features, not only included all the advantage of DSONE, but also use it powerful built-in CPU to provide more miracle functions. If you want to buy a full featured flashcart, just buy the super card dstwo card, this card offers so many features other carts can not provide, such as playing gba games, real time save, real time cheat, real time guide and also other features.

Where To Buy The Best Super Card Dstwo Flash Cart For 3DS V5.0.0-11?

Currently i recommend r4i-3ds.com site, this site sells the pre-flashed super card dstwo for 3DS V5.0.0-11, so when you receive super card dstwo, you don’t need to update it with a DS lite console. All the carts they send out will be the latest version and work on V5.0.0-11 out of box, another, they also provide free and fast shipping service, which is important to us.